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About Joe Pacheco

Known for his tribal and progressive house sound, as well as tech, disco house, deep house, trance and techno – Joe Pacheco brings this and more to Market Days. Pacheco, a DJ since 2015, has been a resident DJ for a New York-based party, M.E.A.T. He also is a regular in Atlanta, Miami and Columbus, Ohio.


Serving you that NYC Big Room Sound, Joe Pacheco will take you on a euphoric journey reminiscent of the Concrete Jungle he grew up in.

Having spun in major world capitals such as Mykonos, Amsterdam, London, Sydney, New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles for parties such as WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL, XLSIOR Mykonos, M.E.A.T., HIM PARTY, BEYOND, and GPS along with superstar DJs such as Nina Flowers, Alex Acosta, Tom Stephan, Rick Braile, Paulo Pacheco, Anne Louise, GSP, and Danny Verde, Pacheco continues to hone his craft with each experience he encounters.

Inspired also by an international sound, he delivers a sensual sound that spans the electronic dance music spectrum; with a mixture of addictive beats and powerful vocals, be prepared for your deep-seated carnal soul to emerge