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Chicago Pride Parade 10

The Chicago Pride Parade

Since its inception in 1970, the Chicago Pride Parade has witnessed immense growth, evolving from a small march to one of the largest Pride parades globally. This annual event has become an iconic symbol of love, acceptance, and support for LGBTQ+ rights, attracting millions of participants, spectators, and supporters.

The Chicago Pride parade is not an event that is produced or maintained by the Northalsted Business Alliance, but it is a very integral part of the fabric of the neighborhood. We hope this page provides useful information for attending the event and learning about it’s origins. 

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When Is It?

The last Sunday in June every year starting at about noon. 

Watching the Parade

The parade is free for everyone to watch, and is all ages.


The parade starts at Broadway & Montrose and follows the route down Halsted to Belmont. Spectators view from the sidewalks. It is generally more crowded south of Addison St. See Map > 


Rain or shine, but hopefully just rainbows!

Chicago Pride Parade 6

The First Chicago Pride Parade

The origins of the Chicago Pride Parade can be traced back to the Stonewall riots in 1969, which sparked the global gay rights movement. Organized on June 27, 1970, the first Chicago Pride Parade started as a modest, yet purposeful march from Washington Square Park to the Water Tower, ultimately reaching the Civic Center. It was a defining moment for the LGBTQ+ community of Chicago, as, for the first time, people came together to advocate for their rights and visibility.

The Pride Parade Grows

Initially, the parade took place exclusively in the Lakeview East neighborhood. However, with increasing participation and support from the community, the parade route had to be expanded to accommodate the growing crowds. In recent years, the Chicago Pride Parade has extended its outreach to the Uptown neighborhood, beginning at the corner of Broadway and Montrose, and continuing through Belmont, Halsted, Broadway, and Lincoln Park.


Over the years, the Chicago Pride Parade has hosted numerous special guests and celebratory moments. In 2009, the parade marked its 40th anniversary, drawing over 500,000 spectators.

In 2011, the parade continued to grow, with over 800,000 attendees and 250 entries. This massive turnout prompted a reorganization of the parade route for the following year. Since 2013, the Chicago Pride Parade has consistently attracted over one million attendees each year, making it one of the largest Pride parades worldwide.

Chicago Pride Parade 2

Tips For The Day

Bring plenty of bottled water, sunscreen and a hat or other head covering, and dress lightly because parade day is usually hot and sunny.

Come early! The crowds are pretty full. If you would like to not be in a crowded area, it’s typically more open near the north of the parade where it begins. 

Do not drive, parking is fairly non existent & traffic will be bad. The CTA bus or trains are the best way to get around.

Please, keep the neighborhood clean by using trash barrels provided along the route.

For special needs and information on participation in the parade, please visit the official website.


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