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There are singers all round the globe that unleash a worthy listen, an enjoyable song and a memorable sound. There are very few singers in the universe who embed that utterly unique tone you instantly, undoubtedly recognize. That captivating, spine tingling, soulful, big voice that warrants a superstar status.

In 2000, Anastacia had her first hit with ‘l’m Outta Love’ which became the biggest selling single of the year from her first studio album ‘Not That Kind’. She went on to thrive success with a further 6 studio albums that threw her into that very superstar status we talk of, having sold over 30 million records to date.


‘Resurrection’. A strong and interesting word. It is the translation of her name in Greek. It is description of something that is re-born. ‘Resurrection’ is fittingly the title of her sixth studio album. Anastacia has been on a long journey both in life and with her career in music. Sometimes you have to lose your way to find yourself again, overcome challenges, experiment, but if you’re focused enough you’ll find your way back. You’ll resurrect everything that went off track. If anyone knows how to find their inner strength, focus and not give up, it’s Anastacia.

At the end of 2019, Anastacia made her musical debut in the role of the Killer Queen in the legendary Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

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