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Isis Muretech.

From Soundcloud

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Isis Muretech is an aspiring and talented DJ/Producer that has become famous for her unique style of music in the LGBTQ club scene. Currently, she is one of the most-demanded female DJs in Mexico, USA, and Latin America.

She has played in over 30 cities all over her country from north to south with her music, breaking all posible borders, resident DJ at Mantamar Beach Club and DJ resident at the biggest gay circuit brand in Mexico: Jubileo
She is known for her powerful energy in Tribal house, House, and Techno, and she leaves a memorable mark with the audience of every party she plays.

Isis Muretech is the first woman in her country to deejay outside of Mexico, playing in cities such as: Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, El Paso, Seattle, Rehoboth, Palm Springs, Cartagena, San Juan (PR), Belo Horizonte, Bogotá, Guatemala City, Cúcuta, San Antonio, Denver and Paris.



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