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KaJahn Ari.

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KaJahn Ari, a Chicago native, had shown a great love for the arts at a young age and began on the path of a Triple Threat at the age of 5.  She started out in talent shows within the Chicago Public School system and Praise Dancing for various community church audiences. After her parents seeing the spark of pure and original talent, she received some formal training in Ballet and Gymnastics.  In her middle school years, she expanded her talent by joining the Drama Club, Concert Choir and Show Choir along with formal Vocal Tech training.  During this explosion of talent discovery, she was a participant in The Young Americans Workshop and the Darrin DeWitt Henson Dance Workshop. 

In the summer of 2009, KaJahn continued her journey by joining the Community Engagement Program of the Joffrey Ballet Chicago. This intensive summer program included performances at Millennium Park and culminated with a community performance at the boat house in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.  As a reward for her hard work and dedication, she was offered a Scholarship into the Joffrey Ballet Chicago Bridge Program for 2009-2010. While in high school, she was a member of the Rich South Starettes Dance team, the School Choir and performed throughout 2010-2011 at various community events with a Hip-Hop Dance Crew called CrossXout.

In 2012 decided to take her singing career to the next level and becoming a recording artist. Working with her dad made her want to go to the next level. “I want to dance to my own music”. From there she began to expand on her vocals and teamed up with her cousin/writer Simone Ingram to create her first song “Voodoo” in 2014. After the passing of her dad, it only put more fire into her spirit. She spent the remainder of the year recording her own music at home with her fathers studio equipment the was left for her. She made herself a soundcloud account and started sharing her music and gaining a following. By the summer of 2015 she was opening up for great performers like Tyra B, Do or Die and performing at clubs and sold out local venues. 

Today, KaJahn Ari plans to pursue her educational goals along with seeking out new and creative avenues in the performing arts. Her passion for performing continues to drive the need to expound on her talents by gaining new and challenging roles in theater, choreography and song.

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