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Peach Presents.

Friday August 6th

5:00 PM – Supes Base w/ Jullian X


7:00 PM – The Cabaret with Shimmy Laroux, Aria Delanoche, & Jezebelly


8:00 PM – Futurehood Takeover with Mister Wallace, Roy Kinsey, & DJ Wife of Wrath

LGBTQ-centric label Futurehood — co-founded by Mister Wallace, aCeb00mbaP, and Hijo Pródijo — is aiming to fix that, operating as a collective that helps amplify the voices of local QTPOC talent.


Saturday August 7th

12:00 PM – Supes Base


1:00 PM – DJ All the Way Kay

Caryn Robinson, or KayKay for short, maintains a dual DJ & Design practice which are both influenced by the cultural aesthetic of her hometown, Chicago. She matches beats with seamless transition and produces sets that are as sonically varied as her city’s streets.


1:30 PM – SWISH v. LiftyBoi TUG OF WAR


2:00 PM – Evie the Cool

EvieTheCool began her DJ career in 2015 in Chicago, a city well known around the globe for its ability to birth both superb musical talent & wide sweeping culture-shaping genres. Evie quickly established her sound & honed her technique, prompting a deliciously danceable open format style to emerge.


3:00 PM – The Church of Zolita


4:00 PM – smallWorld Takeover

smallWORLD Collective is a celebration of community and solidarity in the form of electrifying pop up parties around the city of Chicago.


5:30 PM – DJ Zel

Chi-town born and raised DJ Zel is a musical magician who’s sweeping away the Windy City’s music scene. With a love of all genres and a passion for her craft, DJ Zel has close to a decade of experience spinning the hottest clubs and private parties throughout the city. Her resume includes a deep list of nightlife, and she’s even been featured for her master mixes on 88.1 WCRX.


6:20 PM – Jo Mama


6:30 PM – Chess Knight


7:30 PM – Supes Base


8:00 PM – Bambi-Banks-Coulee’s Soul Train


8:30 PM – Ariel Zetina

Ariel Zetina is a Chicago based artist, focusing in music production and deejaying. Though her music can be considered techno, she takes inspiration from Chicago house, Belizean genres punta and brukdown, and the queer club scene worldwide.

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