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Papa John’s & Pride Fest

Message from Steve Ritchie

CEO Papa John’s

There is little more important to me than making Papa John’s a better place to work for our teams, a better member of our communities, and a better experience for our customers — both online and in stores. We are in the midst of a transformative period as we continue to take meaningful action to move Papa John’s forward. you will see a Better Papa John’s, one we can all be proud of, and we are excited to tell our story.

Papa John’s Progress & Priorities for 2019



Message from Victoria Russell

Chief of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Papa John’s International

Papa John’s is proud to partner with the Chicago Pride Fest, one of many partnerships around the country which allows us to express our deep gratitude for the people, cultures, and communities we value.

We are dedicated to cultivating a culture where all people are respected, welcomed and celebrated as their authentic selves.

That’s why Papa John’s is making its presence matter by collaborating with organizations that promote fairness, equality, opportunity, and respect. Our people are at the heart of our brand, and we come from all walks of life. We are working together to live our values both within our store and the communities that we serve.

Having a Papa John’s family that reflects and embraces the global nature of our brand is the right way to do business and allows us to better serve all customers. We recently complete a third-party culture audit and now continue working diligently to enact a number of its recommendations.

We continue to make corporate-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training a priority nationwide, with nearly 100% on our corporate campus. The training has opened up conversations about who we are and who we want to be, and it is an important step in creating an inclusive culture that supports all.

Papa John’s established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that include; African-American, Hispanic, Women and LGBTQ+. We are also in the process of establishing a multi-generational and Veterans resource groups. These groups are extremely valuable in helping us make DEI a natural party of our company culture. All ERGs have made tremendous strides to create a more inclusive culture internally as well as leading external community engagement.

Our LGBTQ+ ERG has led the way in several DEI initiatives including the creation of gender-neutral bathrooms, adding gender identity and sexual orientation to our EEO statement, and confirmed compliance with the National Center for Transgender Equality related to offered health plans.

The LGBTQ+ ERG is also in the process of researching the creation of a gender transition workplace policy as well as reviewing the policies and practices of Papa John’s in preparation of completing the Corporate Equality Index with the Human Rights Campaign.

The ERG has also sponsored many community organizations and initiatives including Kentuckiana Pride Festival, Louisville Pride Festival, University of Louisville LGBT Center and Louisville Youth Group (a LGBTQIA+ nonprofit serving LGBTQIA+ youth in Kentucky). As a part of our Kentuckiana Pride Festival Sponsorship in 2018, we also created our first even Papa John’s Pride Logo. We are supporting again as a 2019 Kentuckiana Pride Sponsor.

Our company culture reflects our renewed commitment to our people, our customers and our communities.

We are continuing to take meaningful action to move Papa John’s forward by making our company a better place to work for our teams, a better member of our communities and a better experience for our customers, online and in our stores.


Victoria Russell
Chief of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Papa John’s International