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Borris Powell

Luxury in Men’s and Women’s FAshion has a name…Borris Powell. Winner of the prestigious 2011 Oscars Designer Challenge, Powell has had an eventful few years as he has expanded from custom dress maker to Ready to Wear for Women and handbags. Known for his signature gowns, Powell has come a long way from his first ten-week sewing class that launched his brand 10 years ago.

Raised in Piedmont, Alabama, Powell considered himself a passionate artist and developed dreams of a career in fashion early on in life. Throughout his childhood, while observing his mother preparing for a night out on the town or even a Sunday visit to church, he trained his young eyes on color and silhouette. This is how his lifelong dream began. He would often advise her on style choices and then, while everyone was away, he would sneak into the living room to play with the sewing machine and develop his craft.

Inspired by the masterful shapes of Christian Dior; Powell followed his dreams and moved to Chicago to start his design career in 1997. Unable to afford FAshion school, he enrolled into a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabric Store 10 years later. Over the following decade, at the consistent urge of friends, Powell pursued his vision with an infectious entrepreneurial talent and creativity that has built him a devoted following of fans. His trademark silhouettes have the comforting familiarity of his early authentic memories mixed with a chic nod to high-end city life.

Perfection for an unforgettable night on the town is exactly what it feels like to step into a Borris Powell custom-made piece. His designs are created with a flirtatious mix of art and sartorial skill. He uses surprising textures and classic colors that complement the male and female form without losing sight of the luxury aesthetic.

In addition to family and the masters of fashion, Powell’s FAshion inspiration also comes from travel and his number one inspiration, which is Music. His collections include exciting approaches to big ideas ranging from the philosophy to cinema. Powell’s meticulous study of FAshion has not been devoted to trends, but a lasting discovery and emotion and story telling through beauty. His designs have the power to make men and women walk a little taller. With confidence and grace in their stride. From Milan to Paris to Amsterdam and Shanghai; Powell has absorbed a sense of global ideas of the best looks for the male and female body. It’s those ideals he constantly tailors into every design he creates. From his gowns, suits, to ready-to-wear, resort collections and even handbags, each is true to its aesthetic.

Romantic, elegant and with a seductive sensibility, Powell’s designs are perfect for any occasion. Next up…Europe!

Powell resides in Chicago, Illinois with a’ by appointment only’ boutique in the West Loop area. He enjoys spending time with friends & family and winding down from the day with a nice glass of vino.