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Kristine W.

Named by Billboard Magazine as the #8 Greatest Dance Artist of All Time, Kristine W has proven herself a lasting talent. Through nearly twenty-five years in music, she has consistency delivered songs that touch hearts and souls and compel bodies to find the mighty groove out on the dance floor. Her latest single, “Out There,” the title track from her soon-to-be-released album, continues her legacy, recently climbing to #3 on the US dance charts.
Kristine W launched her career in 1994. In that time, she has scored 17 #1 dance hits on Billboard and a record-setting string of nine consecutive #1s on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Her chart successes have broken records held by the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson (most consecutive #1s) as well as Mariah Carey (most #1 dance hits). She is named among the top three of the last decade’s club play artists trailing only Madonna and Beyoncé. While she has the talents of a diva in spades, Kristine W eschews all the excesses too often associated with the term such as narcissism and egoism.
She keeps her focus on the art and profession of being a singer, songwriter and musician, and enjoys a grassroots mutual affection with fans who revere her voice, appreciate how the aspects of life and emotions she sings about echo their own feelings and experiences, and enjoy how Kristine continually pushes the envelope to forge dynamic grooves and mixes that keep the dance floor pulsing.
So how did a ranch-raised small-town girl from rural Washington State end up as “the most soulful vocalist in dance music, period,” according to All Music Guide? Kristine credits Donna Summer for instilling the love of dance into her.

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