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Defined Training

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Circuit Training, Weight Training
About Defined Training

Defined Training in Northalsted, Chicago is a gym that places an emphasis on community, hands-on coaching, and intelligent programming for everyone!

“CrossFit doesn’t define us: It’s just one of the many things we do”

Strength and conditioning programming at its core, — Nobody slips through the cracks.

All new athletes are set up for success and begin their first workouts in our On-Ramp program: a progression-based approach to training. In eight sessions, athletes meet in small groups with two of our coaches where they are introduced to strength and conditioning movements and proper technique. During our On-Ramp, we learn about the athletes, and they learn about us.

Defined Training programming is diverse and includes daily workouts, Olympic and Powerlifting classes, mobility, kettlebell and endurance training, recovery techniques, pre and post-rehabilitation, and yoga. With a coaching team that is both knowledgeable and approachable, athletes of all levels are guided through classes with proper technique and safety in mind. We believe that teaching extends beyond the gym, and we’re committed to prioritizing a well-rounded approach to healthy living for everyday life.

Will I get hurt?
The truth is, most athlete injuries are pre-existing—or due to other lifestyle practices. Consider the following: How often are you sitting throughout your workweek? Do you spend time before and after your workouts warming up and addressing your limitations? Do you eat foods that fuel your body? Have you taken time to rest and sleep properly?

Proper training is key, and Defined Training considers this: No new athlete enters onto the floor without going through our On-Ramp first. We prioritize teaching you how to address your limitations, scale movements properly, and understand a healthy rate at which to progress.

Will I get “bulky?” 
We get asked this question often, and our answer is always the same: Nothing happens overnight. In fact, it takes years of training and specific alterations to your diet and supplement intake to acquire this type of physique. To “get bulky,” you have to desire the result, nurture it, and train for it—much like a career.

Do I need to “get in shape” before I start training? 
No previous training or experience is needed! No matter what level you’re at, we’ll work around your current level of fitness—and at a speed that aligns with your needs and goals.

The majority of our new athletes come to us with no previous fitness experience, which we love. With education at the forefront, we’re always excited to work with beginners and coach them into understanding their strengths, limitations, and habits. Additionally, Defined always allows the athlete to dictate his or her own approach to intensity on any given day: because we know every day is different. While consistent class attendance sets you up for success, each day at Defined offers a new opportunity to improve.

How is Defined different?
Our community, our coach’s attention to detail, and class programming are what set us apart from other gyms. Each class begins and ends with a high-five between athletes and their coaches to cultivate a team-oriented atmosphere. We host monthly events that cater to our community and its interests, and while these events are ever-changing, Murph Day, Summer BBQs, Movie Nights, our annual Halloween party and In-house Olympic and Powerlifing meets are constants. Our coaches know our athletes on a first-name basis and are here to support and encourage them along the way. The variety in our programming keeps training fresh and challenging, but remember: It’s your consistency that escalates your progress. To get started, click here!

Defined Training
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October, 2023
Through October 28
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October, 2023
Through October 21
Chicago IL
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June, 2023
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April, 2023
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A Hoppy Easter!

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