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About Barker

Barker has always had music in his blood. Born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he was encouraged by his family to start his journey with music at age 10. With his mother maintaining a successful career as a pianist & recording artist with 15 studio albums, the prevalence and impact of music on his life can’t be understated. Starting with the saxophone, Barker developed his skills as a musician throughout his entire childhood, guided by many mentors & teachers in the areas of composing, jazz improvisation, and classical music theory. Putting those skills to work, he became a student at one of the highest regarded music conservatories in the country. There, he began to develop music production skills within Ableton before taking an extended break from music.

In 2015 after moving to Chicago where he now resides, he rediscovered his passion for music through his first exposure to EDM, and in 2019 began attending shows and festivals. Raver turned DJ & producer, you can now hear his unique house sound in his tracks across any streaming platform or catch him on the decks playing shows across the United States. With an approach to DJing that throws conventional single genre focus out the window, even the most hesitant dancers can’t help but get moving when Barker’s on stage.