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About DJ Mary Mac

DJ Mary Mac was introduced to the art of turntables and mixing by her older brother while he practiced daily in the basement of their family’s Queens, NY home. Barely a teen, and yet highly intrigued by the techniques of the many notable DJ’s of that era, Mary Mac began working diligently to hone and perfect her skills behind the wheels. With a combination of natural talent and passion, she quickly made a name for herself as a sought-after female DJ. Needless to say, this was quite ground-breaking in the predominantly male-driven industry.

During the early 90’s her career was further ignited while attending Mitchell College. As a full-time student, she began spinning for college parties in the area. This earned her the coveted position of Music Director at Eastern Connecticut State University’s radio station where she remained for the next two years. Following her reign at the radio station, she began to earn solid credibility. By the mid 90’s, she had managed to establish a “rooted recognition” which then led her to valuable opportunities that were key in her growth as an artist of the turn-tables.

Since then, Mary has been exclusively requested to play at various national events and celebrity parties offering a seemingly endless and impressive list that includes birthday parties for Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Queen Pen as well as promotional release parties for Cassidy, Fatty Koo, Dead Prez, Hush Magazine, Monica, and Clipse. She has played for multiple other artists and events as well. Mary most recently has been pairing up with the renowned Madonna for new mixes. Catch DJ Mary Mac spinning at the Norhtalsted Market Days this year!