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About Feathered Beaus

Chicago’s own cabaret act made up of Kylie Bear, Olin, Kiki and Dustin. The beaus sing the gambit of music styles from blues to jazz to musical theatre to pop! They do it all with style, sassiness, humor and dazzling vocal harmonies.

Established and incorporated in 2007, the Chicago Cabaret Project began entertaining and stimulating audiences at various venues throughout  the city of Chicago. The momentum gained after years in the cabaret scene marked a significant presence for the ensemble among the theatre and entertainment professionals of Chicago, garnering praise and admiration for their beautiful vocal stylings and their ever exciting and provocative, sexy presentations.

In 2012, The Chicago Cabaret Project reincorporated as The Cabaret Project. Continuing the spotlight in the following years, the troupe has worked all over the Chicagoland area, Lake Geneva (WI), St. Louis (MO) and Puerto Vallarta (MX).