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About Hank & Cupcakes

Cheap Thrill brings the raw energy of Hank & Cupcakes’ live shows off the stage and onto your home stereo, with a grungier edgier record than ever before while holding onto their fierce signature off-the-walls infectious sound.

Seeing Hank & Cupcakes live, and hearing their latest album, Cheap Thrill, is like watching two of your best friends fall in love. The record truly captures the band’s sound: sensual, powerful, and highly energetic. There’s no careful choreography here, no proliferation of autotune to mold the songs into something palatable to the sterile chewed up standards of today’s Top 40 culture. The raw, unfiltered, uncensored reality of Hank & Cupcakes is what Cheap Thrill is built on. It’s a sonic revolution and it’s calling you to join in and rock out.

Hank & Cupcakes are Aliens of Extraordinary Ability… At least according to the US immigration services. Hailing from Tel Aviv to New York City in late 08’, the duo, consisting of powerhouse vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and bassist extraordinaire Hank were quickly dubbed a “must see” live act on the local scene. Attracting praise from MTV and New York Post, the buzzworthy band were signed to BMG with whom they released their 2012 ‘Aint No Love’ EP. When faced with the choice of creative compromise vs. artistic freedom, Hank & Cupcakes chose the latter, walking away from the deal to self release their debut LP ‘Naked’ in 2013, followed by ‘Cash 4 Gold’ in 2014. The two are known for their explosive live performance which has finally met it’s match in the form of the band’s forthcoming record, Cheap Thrill.

The album was recorded in a custom setup in the duo’s new Atlanta home where Brooklyn producer Van Goose, who spent a week down south, joined them, immersed in the project. Microphones were set up in & out of the house infrastructure including heating shafts, closets and different rooms all intended to create an array of sonic chambers & an ambient live record.

The striking cover art for Cheap Thrill is the fruit of a collaboration with internationally acclaimed Mexican artist Claudio Limon. Like their music, Hank & Cupcakes’ cover image comes across at first as pure energetic art but Shir explains that there’s more to it than meets the eye: “The on the album cover is deliberately gender-blurry and set in a religious-looking environment. The idea came to us while working on the record when many “religious freedom” bills discriminating against LGBT community & bills curbing women’s reproductive rights were (and still are) brought up constantly. We strongly object to this and wanted to comment on the absurdity and misuse of religion as a tool of discrimination and oppression and on the lack of equality we still see in our society.

Hank & Cupcakes will be taking Cheap Thrill on the road this summer with an explosive live show accompanied by a huge stage design corresponding with the album art and will be touring all over the East Coast, Midwest and South. Do not miss the chance to see them live this summer!