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About Steve Grand

July 6, 2018, marked the release of the long-anticipated sophomore album from Steve Grand, not the end of me.  It hit #2 on the iTunes Pop Chart, #10 on Billboard’s Independent Album Chart, and #78 on Billboard’s Top Album Chart. It was released independently on his own label, Grand Nation LLC. The album includes 12 new tracks, all written and composed by Grand. It also features alternate versions of 3 of the songs. Grand says of the tracks, “This album is autobiographical; very personal, somber and reflective. Writing this album was an exercise in catharsis.” He says, “I’m more unfiltered on this album and explore some of the internal and external challenges I’ve faced over the last few years.”

The album’s title track, “not the end of me”, is a song Grand wrote when a long-time relationship was coming to an end.  “Breaking up can be long and drawn-out, painful and ugly.  This one certainly was,” Grand said.  “It was trying and exhausting, (and) this song deals with all of that, as well as the resolution that this is ‘not the end of me.”

Grand also predicts “don’t let the light in” will be a favorite among his fans.  “I wrote it within the last few months before I became sober.  At that time, I was reflecting on the way I had been living my life over the last few years that my song ‘All-American Boy’ blew up, in 2013,” he said.  “I felt isolated and realized I was dealing with that isolation in some unhealthy ways.”

With the release of his first album, All American Boy, in 2015, Steve Grand broke the mold for the traditional singer-songwriter.  Having self-funded a viral video of the title track, then fan funding the release and creating a vocal and energetic fanbase, the openly gay artist from Chicago created a place for himself in the music industry and hasn’t looked back since.  The past 3 years have seen Grand touring across the world, gathering new energetic fans, and creating new music.

With over 18 million views on YouTube, a #3 and #10 album on The Billboard Independent Album charts, and one of the most successful music Kickstarter campaigns ever under his belt, Grand has not just broken the rules, but he has changed the game in how to be a successful singer-songwriter in this era. His album, not the end of me, is available on Steve Grand’s website, at all live shows, and across all digital download and streaming platforms.