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About Supes Base

Supes Base [which stems from a culturally relevant quip of “the super basic way of saying ‘super basic'”], whose real name is Justina Nguyen, has been immersed in music all of her life–classically trained in piano, oboe, and percussion. Her music journey started out as an extracurricular skill and activity that was imposed upon her by her parents as a young child morphed into a lifelong passion.

About 4 years ago, Supes Base decided to reincarnate her musical chops through the curation of the music as a DJ, as well as the orchestration of human connection throughout a space or environment–encouraging unspoken conversation between performer and audience. Forming that visceral bond with other people can be so powerful; even the slightest nod, cracked smile, or foot tap amplifies those intrinsic micro-moments we all live for.

As a good vibestigator, her fortes are: 1) her contagious presence that gets people to feel the groove and stay in the moment + 2) her ability to transcend + blend a variety of musical genres that’s accessible to everyone—taking them through an odyssey of movement. Genres include but are not limited to: contemporary classical, jazz, doo-wop, funk, soul, disco, new wave/industrial, r+b, hip-hop, indie rock/electronica, lo-fi beats, chillwave, synth-pop, soul electronica, house, techno, experimental sounds across genres, and so much in between.